Marketing concept apple recipes for dinner

Start your day in the merriest way possible — with a celebratory spread of sweet and savory favorites! All Rights Reserved. Photo By: Renee Comet. Photo By: Con Poulos. Photo By: Matt Armendariz.

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Photo By: Teri Lyn Fisher. Photo By: Charles Masters. Photo By: Ashley Morgan. How to improve on ham-and-cheese quiche? Bake it in an uber-crispy hash brown crust for the perfect breakfast dish for a crowd.

Get the Recipe: Pancake Breakfast Casserole. We can't think of a sweeter way to start the day than with a citrusy slice of pound cake — topped with fresh, cut strawberries. The ricotta keeps the loaf moist and tender, even when it's made ahead.

marketing concept apple recipes for dinner

This dish has everything you love about a traditional bagel breakfast sandwich, but it's all baked into a casserole that can be made the night before. Get the Recipe: Bagel Breakfast Casserole. Get the Recipe: French Toast. The best time to treat your family to a steak-and-egg breakfast?

The holidays! This one even boasts festive red and green, thanks to two tasty sauces. Get the Recipe: Christmas Steak. Breakfast casseroles are the way to go when you're in charge of feeding a crowd on Christmas morning.

You can make it months! Get the Recipe: Herbalicious Breakfast Casserole.Carrot juice is surprisingly sweet, and goes well with the tartness of the apples. When buying Granny Smiths, choose firm ones; they will produce a clearer juice. Cut large produce into chunks, and remove big seeds or pits. Don't worry about those in fruits like apples and pears -- the juicer will filter them out.

To combine several fruits and vegetables, alternate between soft pieces and hard ones. Finish with the latter to push through anything that's stuck. Carrot-Apple Juice. Rating: 3. Read Reviews Add Reviews. Save Pin Print ellipsis More. Image zoom.

Credit: Dana Gallagher. Recipe Summary.

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Reviews 2. Rating: Unrated. Carrot apple juice is delicious! I'm an avid juicer and for the safety of those that don't know, you MUST remove the seeds from the apples before juicing.

marketing concept apple recipes for dinner

Apple seeds contain small amounts of arsenic and if consumed in large amounts can be harmful. So, if you're juicing an apple, you must remove the seeds first. Most other fruits with tiny seeds are safe to juice. Reviews: Most Helpful Down Triangle. Close Share options. What did you think about this recipe? Did you make any changes or notes?

Thanks for adding your feedback. Close Close Login. All rights reserved. Close View image.Photo By: Kate Mathis. All Rights Reserved.

Photo By: Teri Lyn Fisher. Photo By: Matt Armendariz. Photo By: Johnny Miller. Photo By: Armando Rafael.

Apple Dinner Recipes

Photo By: James Wojcik. Photo By: Jason DeCrow. Photo By: Caitlin Ochs. Photo By: Anna Williams. Photo By: Quentin Bacon. Photo By: Con Poulos. Change up the holidays by serving this traditionally warm-weather cocktail at your next Christmas party. To make it snowy white, we added a touch of coconut milk. Cranberry ice cubes add a touch of cheer. Get the Recipe: White Christmas Margarita.

Get the Recipe: Gingerbread Hot Chocolate. Wassail is a hot mulled cider, traditionally enjoyed during wassailing, an English Christmas drinking ritual intended to ensure a good apple harvest the following year. The whole baked apples floating on top lend a homey feel to the warming festive drink. Serve as is -- or top with a splash of brandy if you like. It's perfect for a big family gathering or holiday party. Get the Recipe: Wassail. This is dangerously easy and delicious.

Not only does it taste sweet and spicy, but just look at it! Those colors! The ruby-red cranberries cover the surface, and the apple cider cubes are the best additions that amp up the flavor.

Get the Recipe: Santa's Sleigh Cocktail. Get the Recipe: Hot Ginger Toddy. Get the Recipe: Champagne Cocktail.

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Get the Recipe: Mulled Wine. Coquito may translate to little coconut, but this boozy drink is big on coconut flavor. Traditionally served around Christmas, this holiday drink originated in Puerto Rico and is made with rum, coconut milk, sweetened condensed milk and spices. It's delicious served very cold, with a dusting of fresh nutmeg on top.All rights reserved. Part of the Whirlpool Corp. This online merchant is located in the United States at E. San Carlos Ave. Enter custom recipes and notes of your own.

Monitor nutrition info to help meet your health goals. Easily add recipes from Yums to the Meal Planner. People cook for many reasons. At Yummly, we do it for the love of food, and we want to help you and other home cooks discover and demystify dishes that pique your culinary curiosities -- whatever the driving force behind cooking is for you.

Whether your economic strategy is motivated by gastronomic delights or your dietary restrictions are guiding your kitchen creations, there are thousands of recipes to explore. Whatever you have in your refrigerator, there's a recipe to elevate dinnertime. Charmingly charred chicken is just a click away, but if pork chops are taking up space in the freezer, there's an edible ode to pork to suit your taste.

Too many olives, capers, and condiments?

marketing concept apple recipes for dinner

Try tressing a pork tenderloin with layers of your favorite salty seasonings to make forks fly at your next feast. Excess beef and broccoli embolden a simple stir-fry and seafood and salmon make delicious partners for your spring asparagus -- whatever you're working with, our meal matchmaking can turn any ingredient into a superlative dish any time of day. Everyone is short on time but Yummly is long on recipes for quick and easy recipes. If sheet pan dinners dominate weeknight meals, we've got your back.

Sweet potatoes with sunset hues and meatloaf flavored with fragrant aromatics that command center-of-the-plate attention can be on the table in an hour. Need something lighter? There are healthy recipes for soup that will make your spoon swoon.

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Quick and easy can also come in the form of a make-ahead veggie casserole to partner with pasta for a well-balanced meal. Breakfast, lunch, or dinner -- never miss a meal with Yummly.

Feed your mango madness in the morning with a smoothie or toss together mango salsa for your tacos at lunch. Green beans can be a simple side dish to turn a chicken recipe into a superior main course.

More Apple Recipes

Turkey rollups for an afternoon snack or chocolate cake for your after-dinner delight -- every meal is covered.

If your hunger pangs want to take you on a trip around the world, let Yummly draw you a map. The magic of Mexican food is guided by superior spices from south of the Rio Grande and simplicity represents the radiant flavors of the Mediterranean meal. From an uncomplicated Italian Insalata Caprese to the noble noodles of Chinese cuisine, you can deepen your global culinary sensibilities from your own oven. There's no one superior cooking technique -- slow cooker or pressure cooker, oven-baked or toaster oven-roasted, there's one goal we're all trying to achieve: a tasty meal.

Test out banana bread made in a crock pot or chicken thighs in an instant pot to add a few tricks to your repertoire for a winning weeknight dinner. Pot roast with a spunky punch and beef stew with a bang, even comfort food is better when you mix up your techniques.With caramelized onions, World Famous Gala apples, and sourdough bread pieces, this stuffing recipe is sure to make those taste buds dance with happiness. Read More. Granny Smith apples and the crunch of pecans gives this classic stuffing recipe a savory shift.

With savory bites of bacon, chunks of Granny Smith apples, and the classic lineup of Thanksgiving spices, this stuffing recipe will have you going for seconds in no time flat.

Change up your classic stuffing recipe by substituting normal bread cubes with sourdough bread cubes for a delicious, savory twist! Celebrate summer's finest flavors with this Fruit Pizza!

This savory breakfast bowl is great for filling up on vegetables for breakfast. Apples Cherries Pears Summer Fruit. Apples Pears Cherries Summer Fruit. Apples Pears Cherries Summer Fruits. Fuji The sweetest apple on the block View More Info. Gala Easy going apple with a vanilla-like flavor View More Info.

80+ Best Apple Recipes to Try, From Sweet to Savory

Braeburn Tart fans will love this zesty apple with a subtle spice View More Info. Ambrosia Step onto the sweet side with this new apple View More Info. All About Apples.

marketing concept apple recipes for dinner

Storage Tips. Apple FAQs. Farm to Fork:The Apple Journey. Apples Recipes. Apples, Fall, Holiday. By: Stemilt Growers With caramelized onions, World Famous Gala apples, and sourdough bread pieces, this stuffing recipe is sure to make those taste buds dance with happiness. By: Stemilt Growers Granny Smith apples and the crunch of pecans gives this classic stuffing recipe a savory shift.

By: Stemilt Growers With savory bites of bacon, chunks of Granny Smith apples, and the classic lineup of Thanksgiving spices, this stuffing recipe will have you going for seconds in no time flat. By: Stemilt Growers Change up your classic stuffing recipe by substituting normal bread cubes with sourdough bread cubes for a delicious, savory twist! Apples, Cherries, Summer.

Apples, Spring, Summer. By: Brianna Shales This savory breakfast bowl is great for filling up on vegetables for breakfast. We promise to only send you the yummy stuff. Chat with Pip! Cookies We use cookies to track website usage and customize your site experience. Read our Privacy Policy here. Okay, thanks.Those marketing skills propelled Apple into the top spot and turned the company around from near bankruptcy. Here are 10 big lessons:. Apple understood this concept early on and made sure that their marketing was as simple as possible.

They took out product feature lists, price, voice-overs and special effects. There is no need for jargon or technical terms that take away from what you are really offering your audience. Keep it Simple. Apple has the budget to get its devices on television shows and movies, but it's fine to start smaller too. Apple has done well getting reviews from its customers -- and you can too.

A coupon or some other exclusive deal is icing on the cake. They stick to their pricing albeit it is often much higher than any of the competition. Just focus on what sets you apart from the rest of the market. The messages must repeat those values throughout all platforms.

You need to look at everything related to your marketing efforts and make sure there is a unified look and feel. Anyone can make a product, but not many can create an experience for the customer that is memorable and entices them to come back again and again.

Part of creating an experience that customers will remember is to use the art of storytelling to generate the experience and add sensory dimensions to the overall delivery.

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This immerses the customer in what they are doing, making it feel less like just shopping for a product. Because Apple has studied their customers intently, they know how to speak to them in their own language, which creates a deeper bond and encourages more sales.

Focus on studying your customer, how they interact and talk on social media, and speak to those aspects of your product or service that they are most interested in, and use the words they would use. The best marketing approach Apple has used is to create mystery about what they are doing next with product launches and announcements that keep what they are up to under wraps until the big unveiling. This turns customers into rabid fans and gets them pumped up in a way that has them buying whatever it is rather than stopping to think if they even need what Apple is introducing.

Apple has created evangelists out of their customers primarily because they have been able to reach and hold on to them at an emotional level. We live in a world of content where people are bombarded with words all the time. Apple even had ads with only 10 words because they understand that the words, especially the excess of words, is not what resonates with customers and prospects. When creating marketing campaigns, fewer words mean more to the audience, especially when they are given images that resonate on a deeper emotional level.

Any company can do the same if they apply these lessons within their marketing strategy, and continue to use these tactics for both new and existing products and services. You've never seen Apple engage in a price war, have you? Find out why. Next Article -- shares link Add to Queue. Chirag Kulkarni.

September 8, 7 min read. Opinions expressed by Entrepreneur contributors are their own. More from Entrepreneur. Get heaping discounts to books you love delivered straight to your inbox. Sign Up Now. Are you paying too much for business insurance? Do you have critical gaps in your coverage? Trust Entrepreneur to help you find out.Come fall, the weather starts to cool, you can sleep with the windows open again, and it's time to go apple picking at your local orchard and bring home way too many apples.

Well, "too many" is a matter of opinion. After all, who says you can't enjoy an healthy apple recipe for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and dessert? In the fallyou can—and thanks to these apple recipes that are both savory and sweet, you won't have a hard time deciding exactly what to make.

Whether you're looking for a new apple pie recipeapple crisp recipe, apple butter recipe, baked apple recipe, or something else entirely, we're confident there's an incredibly delicious dish on our list you'll love.

From Instagram-worthy apple cake recipes to crumbly apple cobbler recipeswe've found the best fruity, autumn treats your family and fall dinner party guests won't be able to get enough of.

And lest you think we've stopped at apple dessert recipesthink again: We've also included a ton of savory apple recipes that take care of your main course and appetizers too. Seared sausage with cabbage and Pink Lady apples makes for a filling breakfast that's sure to satisfy a large crowd, while an apple Cheddar waffle sandwich will delight kids and grown-ups alike. When it comes to apple dishes for dinner though, nothing's quite as scrumptious as apple pork chops—which is why we've got a recipe for that too!

The good news? No matter which apple recipe you choose here, you're bound to end up happy, full, and craving more. If you haven't had tried putting extra sharp Cheddar into your apple pie before, then you may want to get on this ASAP. It'll change your ideas on what apple pie can be. Get the recipe. This fruity dessert is the easiest pie you can make this holiday season. This hearty fall dinner gets a splash of tartness from apple cider. Use your trusty Dutch oven to fry these fritters.

Let this apple-cinnamon cake take center stage the next time you have guests over for dinner. The candied pecans on top add a nice, sweet crunch. Step into the season with this spin on brunch. With spicy sweet potatoes and syrupy apples, this dessert is a combo of all your favorite fall treats. Straight from your grocer's freezer, the dough for this sweet-and-savory, apple-cheese danish rises to the occasion—no flour, food processor, or kneading required.

Buy cornbread at a bakery a day or two ahead. Allowing it to go slightly stale improves the dressing's texture. A minty lemon dressing brightens an Israeli couscous salad made with crumbled feta, toasted pine nuts, and crunchy Galas and Calville Blanc d'Hiver apples.

Butterscotch sauce and a spike Grand Marnier transforms this classic fall dessert into an irresistible delight. Watch how quickly doughnuts disappear, particularly when they're dusted with a variety of delectable sugar coatings: maple, confectioners', or cinnamon spice.

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